So we all know what happened at this years Oscars, you don’t need to hear it again but i just would like to point out one thing which really bothered me:

After they announce La La Land as Best Picture winner, the entire La La Land team gets on the stage and they start giving their stupid thank you speeches and yada yada yada. While the 2nd producer or director was speaking, you can see a big commotion going on behind him. He knows what’s going on yet he decides to give his speech anyway, even though he lost. 

But that’s not what bothered me.

I actually didn’t mind what he did at all. Kinda respected it, actually. When else will he get such an opportunity to speak in front of a crowd full of ass-hole celebrities who couldn’t give 2 shits about what he was saying? What bothered me was the other producer ( named Hurwitz i believe) getting all Hollywood hardo on everybody and mauling the mic to make an official announcement that Moonlight had really won the Oscar.

The producer who had to cut his speech short did exactly what a normal human being would do, he was disappointed that he lost so he just threw it out there: “By the way, we lost”, dropping a bomb which nobody saw coming but at the same time, everbody saw it coming.

After he half-heartedly delivers the news -which again, is not a problem at all, on the contrary, i thought it was the best way to do it – the other producer (Hurwitz) decides that he has to deliver the news in a “respectful manner”. Trying too hard to show the world that he was happy for Moonlight, he gets up to the mic and gives what he decides is the official announcement that Moonlight has won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Warren Beaty, who originally announced La La Land as the winner, returns to the mic to clarify the mistake and to explain what exactly happened. As he gets there, this dick head Hurwitz grabs the card from Beatty and shows the card to the world.

 HE had to be the one to announce the winner and give his “friends” over at Moonlight the Oscar which they won. 

He needed everyone to see how good of a loser he was. He needed everyone to  applaude him for his courage, which they did. 

What he is, is a man who takes things & himself way too seriously. Not very funny, is unable to be sarcastic and gets offended a little too easily. We all know someone like that.

What bothered me about the Oscars debacle was him. Before he came around, it was funny, something we can laugh at. But he had to make it about himself by taking it too seriously, to the point where it was like “Man, get off the stage.” 

Jimmy Kimmel tried to joke about it but Hurwitz wouldn’t let him: “I’ll be very happy to give the award to my friends at Moonlight”. 

Oh c’mon! Lighten up!

We were all okay with first announcement: “By the way, we lost”. It kept it funny, it kept it real  You could see the disappointment in his eyes.

But than Hurwitz had to ruin it for us all.