I hate this so much.

This is the equivalent of posting a douch-y video of yourself working out on Instagram with a caption something like: “Just Doin’ Work!”. Get outta here with that garbage! Nobody needs to see you doing things you should be doing anyway and making it look like you care more than the rest of the team. If I was one of his teammates, i would get up in his face and maybe kick his ass. You have practice tomorrow, that’s when you should be shooting! Don’t start showing us how much you care & how much it affected you that you sucked that night.

The worst is that now the dumb-ass media is gonna start praising his work ethic and be like: “Kyrie just hates losing!”. Everybody hates losing! Just not everyone is asking the cameras to focus on him to see how much he hates.

Also, i bet that the next game Kyrie will go like 11-12 from the field and he & everyone else will be giving so much credit for those extra 100 shots he took after this game, like this is what got his shooting back on track.

Like i said, i HATE it!