Is this a joke?!

Firstly, i never want to think about the end times. Ever.

I can’t bare the reality of Eli Manning not being the starting QB of the New York Football Giants. Yes he’s had his ups & downs but it’s been mostly ups, 2 Super Bowls ain’t too shabby.

2nd, i refuse to believe that the Giants will do something that stupid in having Geno Smith as their starting QB. I could just be saying this because they’ve had Eli for so long but Big Blue aren’t a dumb team (like the Jets) that would have someone like that, a man who’s been sucker punched by a teammate and lost his job, be the face of their franchise. Having this stability of Eli Manning is very likely clouding my thinking here and it really makes the Giants look a lot smarter than other teams who don’t have their franchise QB, but i still can’t believe the G-men wouod do something that idiotic. This is definitely a confidence-booster move by the Giants. Geno is now thinking that he’s not just gonna be sitting on his ass for the rest of his career, which he most definitely should be, but instead he has a goal to reach, something to look forward to. If he’s around for a few years, every offseason he’ll be praying that Eli retire and he’ll get his 2nd chance which he thinks ge deserves.

The Giants know better then that though. I hope.